Code of conduct for representatives

The code of conduct for representatives sets out the standards of behaviour we expect from representatives of businesses and representatives of those who experience a workplace injury or illness.

Standards of conduct

As a representative you or your firm/company are expected to:

  • Confirm that you are an authorized representative by ensuring that the business or injured or ill person you represent submits a Direction of Authorization Form giving permission for you to access their personal or account information
  • Represent your client honestly, ensuring you do not:
    • put forward any information known by you to be untrue
    • assist or encourage a party to mislead or misrepresent the facts
    • make any false or misleading statements about the actions of the WSIB and our staff
  • Be familiar with, and comply with WSIA and WSIB policies and processes
    • Be courteous, professional and comply with Our Code of Behaviour including, not engaging in verbal abuse, threats, criminal harassment, or physical violence
    • Provide information in a timely manner, and ensure the availability of your client, as requested by WSIB staff
    • Follow our escalation process when approaching WSIB management, starting with the next level of supervision
    • Maintain and protect the confidentiality of information disclosed during WSIB proceedings, including not using that information for other purposes without prior consent


If a representative refuses or fails to comply, we may take the following actions:

  • verbal warning
  • written warning
  • temporary restrictions on communications and access with the WSIB
  • temporary or permanent suspension from acting as a representative at the WSIB
  • submit a complaint to the Law Society of Ontario (if applicable) or any other relevant regulatory body
  • refer to WSIB security and/or police
  • investigation and prosecution by WSIB

You will be given an opportunity to provide an explanation to us for your behaviour by making submissions to us, but until the explanation is received and considered by the WSIB, any restrictions or suspensions will remain in place.


  • Any representative who is temporarily or permanently suspended will have no authority to:
    • receive information about a claim or account
    • communicate or otherwise engage with the WSIB
    • make submissions or requests on behalf of a business or person with a workplace injury or illness
  • We will advise our staff and relevant parties (including the Law Society of Ontario, if applicable, or any other relevant regulatory body)  of this representative’s suspension
  • If a representative is convicted in a court of law for committing a fraudulent act pertaining to us, we will permanently discontinue recognition of that individual’s status as a representative