Program of care for noise induced hearing loss


The NIHL POC describes comprehensive hearing services for workers to reduce the impact of their hearing loss through the provision of hearing aids.  The NIHL POC was updated with the latest evidence and redesigned in collaboration with the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario and the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

*Effective August 15, 2016, workers identified with occupational noise induced hearing loss and who require a new hearing aid will be provided with hearing services through the updated NIHL POC for the first year of hearing aid use.

If a worker has started the NIHL POC prior to August 15, 2016, please follow the instructions on this page.

Focus of the NIHL POC

The NIHL POC is focused on evidence-based hearing services, which include:

  • Assessment
  • Dispensing and fitting, and,
  • Follow-up visits (from 2-4 weeks post-fitting to up to 1 year post-assessment).  

A new outcome measure has been developed specifically for the NIHL POC called the NIHL POC Hearing Aid Outcome Questionnaire which describes the worker’s abilities with their hearing aids.  A new consolidated report called the NIHL POC Hearing Aid Outcome Report has been introduced.

Hearing Health Care Provider Requirements

Prior to delivering the updated NIHL POC, hearing health care providers must become knowledgeable with all NIHL POC materials noted below.  To participate in delivering WSIB’s Programs of Care, hearing health care providers must complete the Application to Deliver Programs of Care form.  

Materials for download

Important Information


Battery fees are now included in NIHL POC fees. For more information, please refer to  Q & A.


Hearing Health Care Providers now submit only one report to the WSIB known as the NIHL POC Hearing Aid Outcome Report.  The form is completed at the 90 day follow-up visit. (Note: Some additional program documents are required to be sent in such as Hearing Aid Outcome Questionnaire).For a complete list of documents to be submitted, please refer to the Algorithm.

Electronic Billing

Hearing Health Providers are being asked to use the ‘date of assessment’ when billing for Block 1.  The date of assessment is defined as the worker’s initial visit where activities such as evaluation of communication needs, pre-fitting counselling and selection of hearing aid(s) are conducted.  Block 1 should be billed after the dispensing and fitting of hearing aid(s). Example is provided in Q & A.

Programs of Care Provider Directory

Find a hearing health care provider who can deliver the NIHL POC, or report changes to your listing in the Programs of Care Provider Directory.

Questions about the NIHL POC?

Refer to the Q&A document or contact the Health Care Professional Access Line at 1-800-569-7919 or 416-344-4526.

Authorization requests and other questions

All hearing aid early replacement requests, accessories, hearing assistive technologies (HATs) or any other systems (alerting/FM) must be pre-authorized by the WSIB. Contact the Health Care Payment Representatives toll-free at 1-800-387-0750 for all related questions and requests.