Procurement activities

We're committed to addressing rising costs while maintaining the best possible care for injured and ill workers. Entering into strategic agreements for the products we purchase is part of that commitment.

See our Requests for Proposals,

When we conduct procurement activities, such as issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP), we post general information with a link to the website(s) where the RFPs are available. Each posting will remain on this page until one week after it closes.

For purposes of tracking and accessibility, our procurement activities are only available through Biddingo, an established tendering website.

  • The first step in responding to a procurement request (e.g., RFP) is to read the general description provided below of the services required
  • If you are interested in submitting a bid, you then need to visit the Biddingo website, register and download the required document. There is a fee involved

The Biddingo site provides step-by-step instructions on how to access the procurement request document (e.g. RFP) as well as how to submit an electronic proposal using the Electronic Bidding System (EBS).

Once you have downloaded the document, you can post questions directly online at the tendering site. 

Answers will be posted on the relevant website for all procurement participants to review.

See the WSIB Procurement RFx Report.

Procurement information for suppliers

If you are interested in becoming a WSIB supplier, read this information for a general overview of our procurement policies and processes, in order to ensure fair, open and transparent competition for all who are interested.

Requests for proposals

Release date Closing date Description

June 26, 2019

Issue date:  July 2, 2019

Submission of Questions:
July 29, 2019

Closing Date:
August 19 , 2019 @ 2:00:00 PM EST

The WSIB invites proponents to submit proposals for the provision of External Audit Services.

This request for proposals (the “RFP”) issued by the WSIB is an invitation to suppliers to submit proposals for the provision of financial audit services. The external auditors, working under the direction of the Auditor General of Ontario, perform an independent audit of the consolidated financial statements of the WSIB in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. 

Interested parties may obtain a complete copy of the RFP document on Biddingo.

June 13, 2019

Submission of Questions:  June 20, 2019 (ET)

Closing Date:  July 2, 2019 (ET)

SPP2019-149-CA RSA Software Tokens

This request for quotation (the “RFQ”) issued by the WSIB is an invitation to suppliers to submit quotation for the provision of RSA software tokens described in Attachment 1 – Price Form.

For further information, interested parties may obtain a complete copy of the RFQ document located on Biddingo

Notice of proposed procurement


This is the second amendment to the advance notification WSIB –NPP-197 regarding the Request for Proposal for Managed Service Provider-IT Resourcing Services.


Kindly be advised that the RFP number when posted will be different from the advance notification number.


Please be advised that in light of recent government interim procedures, we have now changed the expected posting date from March 2019 to early/middle of Second Quarter 2019.


Interested parties are encouraged to periodically check in the coming weeks for a complete copy of the RFP document.

WSIB Procurement RFx Report

For our 2017 Procurement RFx report, see our dataset: Contract award notification.

Prior to new dataset

WSIB Procurement RFx Report
RFx Number Description Awarded to: Date Awarded

RFP 2016-20

Medical Consultants File Review Services

North York Rehabilitation Centre Corp., North York General Hospital, Barrus Healthcare Inc.

August 15, 2017

RFP 2014-94-AK Employee Security Screening Services Sterling Talent Solution Canada Corp. June 12, 2017
RFP SP2016-64 Mental Health Services Vivian Sapirman May 23, 2017
SP 2016-94-SW Vendor of Record for ServiceNow Project Services KPMG LLP April 24, 2017

RFP 2016-17-LI

Application Maintenance & Project Services-

Wipro Solutions Canada Ltd.- Group A & B Services,  Accenture Inc. - Group B Services

March 23, 2017

RFP 2016-79-GR Office 365 Migration Long View Systems Corp. January 23, 2017
RFP 2016-18-BZ Assessment and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) University Health Network (Psychiatric and Psychology components) St. Joseph's Care Group (Psychology component only)  January 11, 2017
RFQ 2016-64-GR Hardware Maintenance & Support Services IBM Canada Ltd January 11, 2017

RFP SP 2016-60

Mass Notification Solution

ERMS Solutions Ltd.

January 10, 2017

Past procurement activities