March 2016 Rate Group and Class Level Projected Premium Rates (Archived)

The WSIB provided 2014 projected rates for existing rate groups and classes as part of previously released Rate Framework Modernization consultation analysis. This represents what rate group and class rates should have been in 2014 had the WSIB not frozen rates for the last three years.

The Rate Framework was updated to reflect the premium rates of the new 34 classes in a 2016 model. For informational purposes, we are providing a 2016 update of projected rates for existing rate groups and classes.

It is important to recognize that the composition of the current rate groups differs from the industry classes identified in the Rate Framework, therefore, making for a difficult comparison. Such a comparison would also be challenged and potentially misleading, given that the Rate Framework does not subject employers to paying a standard rate group rate but moves employers to more individualized rates.