Keep in mind when reporting fraud

Please Note:

  • When reporting fraud or non-compliant behaviour you are not required to provide your name, address, or any other information that may identify you.
  • Please be aware that under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act any information you provide may be released to people including, but not limited to, the worker, the employer and their representatives.
  • When e-mailing us directly from the WSIB Web site, we do not capture your email address. However, information you submit to us using your own e-mail allows for your e-mail address to be tracked.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to protect your personal identity.
  • Information you submit to us using the Internet is not secure while in transit to us.
  • Or, you may wish to call our toll-free action line.
I have read the above information and would still like to send an e-mail to report suspected fraud or non-compliance.