Occupational disease and survivors benefits program

This program provides specialized services to workers, dependents, and employers affected by certain serious occupational illnesses such as:

  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Asbestosis and Silicosis
  • Inhalation of substances and fumes
  • Noise-induced hearing loss

If you are a worker with one of the above illnesses or conditions, or are a survivor of a worker who died from such illnesses, you’ll benefit from the expertise offered by this program’s specially trained personnel.

Staff include senior adjudicators, physicians, an occupational hygienist, and nurse case managers, all of whom are experienced with the unique circumstances of occupational illnesses.

If you are a worker with an occupational disease claim, your claim will be adjudicated through this program, and you will also receive special services to help you and your family cope with the effects of the disease. For more information, please call 416-344-1000 or 1-800-387-0570.

Survivor benefits

If you are a spouse or dependant of a worker who died as a result of a workplace injury or illness, you can contact the WSIB to claim survivor benefits.

For additional information for families following a workplace fatality, refer to For Families: A Resource Guide for Survivors (PDF).

We provide four types of benefits to survivors of workers who die as a result of workplace illness or injury:

  • Survivor payments (lump sum and monthly benefits)
  • Funeral and transport costs
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Support for spouses wishing to rejoin the workforce

Survivor payments

The WSIB pays a lump sum and monthly payments to survivors and/or dependant children of workers who die from work-related illness or injury.

Each year, the WSIB adjusts survivor benefit monthly payments to take inflation into account. 

Funeral and transport costs

The WSIB will pay reasonable burial and funeral expenses. These may include transport costs if the survivors live a considerable distance from the place of death.

Bereavement counselling

Both the surviving spouse and children are entitled to bereavement counselling, but must request this counselling within one year of the worker’s death.

Help in joining the workforce

If you are a surviving spouse, you may apply for assistance in returning to the workforce by requesting a Labour Market Re-entry Assessment within one year of your spouse’s death. Contact the Occupational Disease and Survivor Benefits Program at 416-344-1000 or 1-800-387-0570to determine if you are eligible.

Benefits to widows/widowers whose benefits were discontinued because of remarriage

If you are a widow or widower (including common-law) whose survivor benefits were terminated because you married or remarried prior to April 1,1985, you may be entitled to a reinstatement of survivor’s benefits. These benefits are retroactive to April 1, 1985.

For more details call the Manager in the Occupational Disease and Survivor Benefits Program at 416-344-1000 or 1-800-387-0570.

The Fatalities and Immediate Response (FAIR) Partnership provides timely and comprehensive assistance to survivors following a traumatic workplace fatality.