Grants Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 grants competition. We are no longer accepting proposals for this year. 

This page provides information about our grant priority areas, proposal selection process, proposal instructions, and the grants application form.

If you would like updates about our grants program, including future calls for proposals, please email and we'll add you to our email distribution list.

Grants priority areas

The central areas of focus of the 2021 WSIB Grants Program support the WSIB’s Strategic Plan with a focus on the impact of COVID-19. Three considerations for potential proposals include:

  1. COVID-19 is changing how we work
  2. COVID-19 is changing how we approach health and safety 
  3. COVID-19 is changing how we support return-to-work and recovery

The grants agenda provides more information on the topics of interest for the 2021 proposal.

Grants Program

We're committed to providing exceptional programs and services to the people and businesses of Ontario.

The objective of the WSIB grants program is to enhance workers’ compensation system outcomes by supporting innovative proposals that are aligned to our strategic mandate.

The program accomplishes this through highly practical research studies delivered by professionals and organizations that can strengthen Ontario's workers' compensation system now and in the future.

Selection process

We follow a rigorous and transparent proposal selection process for our grants program. We accept the following types of proposals:

1. Research proposals

  • Expert research proposals that deliver practical results for the workplace safety and compensation system
  • Workplace-based projects that create partnerships between the workplace, researchers and organizations

2. Training proposals

  • Initiatives that help people with workplace injuries and illnesses, employers and the workplace safety and compensation system solve long-standing barriers
  • Innovative opportunities that build capacity in the community and offer significant potential to improve system results

Opportunities are available for applicants to connect with stakeholders familiar with the WSIB or WSIB staff to better align their proposals to the needs of the organization. However, any engagement must be reported at the time of submission. Please email for more information. 

For more information, review the grant proposal instructions (PDF).

Download the WSIB grants application form (PDF).

Initial Proposal Deadline: October 9, 2020

Previous grants program recipients: