Filling prescriptions at the pharmacy

The WSIB drug benefit program pays for medications prescribed for work-related injuries or illnesses. 

We use TELUS Health as our electronic drug adjudication provider.  Pharmacists should consult the TELUS Health Pharmacy Manual (PDF) for further information. 

Pharmacies should note the following to complete prescription transactions pharmacies:

  • Insurer: TELUS (formerly Assure Health)
  • Carrier ID:  49
  • Group ID:  2000
  • Client ID:  please use WSIB claim number

Coordination of benefits

Please note that any portion of a drug benefit claim not paid by the WSIB should not be charged to the patient as per the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, nor can payments be coordinated with a secondary plan, including provincial drug plans.

Generic substitution

The WSIB will pay for the dispensing of generic medications unless a prescriber indicates on the prescription that NO SUBSTITUTION is to be made to the brand name product, OR if the patient has experienced a documented adverse event to the generic product.

Dispensing fee

The WSIB will reimburse a dispensing fee equal to the dispensing fee paid by the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. As per the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, an injured person should not be charged for the difference between the set fee and the pharmacy dispensing fee. 

Dispensing limits

A maximum 100-day supply for maintenance medication can be dispensed per prescription.

Vacation supply: Vacation supply of regular maintenance medications may be granted for a period up to 200 days if a patient is travelling out of province. For opioid medication, a prescription authorizing the vacation supply is required from the prescriber.  

Some medications may have quantity limits, such as narcotics, erectile dysfunction drugs and NSAID ketorolac. When submission of a claim at a pharmacy results in a notice of ‘quantity maximum exceeded’, please contact us for additional guidance. 

Entitlement to medications

Our drug benefit program formulary search provides more information about medication that is potentially covered. 

For medications not found in the search, please read more about non-formulary drugs.

Prescription filling questions?

Pharmacies should call the WSIB to verify coverage and to obtain more information on rejection messages e.g., DIN not covered, DIN/PIN not a benefit, invalid cardholder. All other inquiries should be directed to TELUS Health.