Brick & Co. testimonial video: Text transcript with description of visuals

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Happy, energetic background music is playing. WSIB logo
Background music A man is wearing a facemask and putting on a hard hat.


WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program can help you build a stronger health and safety culture in your workplace.


Another man in a hardhat and facemask is holding a clipboard.
Background music And it works. Just ask Michaela. A woman wearing a mask sitting at a desk using her laptop
I definitely would recommend the health and safety excellence program to others. It really just gives you that chance to improve what you have Michaela is speaking. Michaela Zehr Health and Safety Compliance Coordinator – Brick & Co.
Background music The program is delivered by WSIB-approved health and safety experts across the province.


A map of the province appears with dots showing where our providers are.

Our provider is, the Grand Valley Construction Association. They've always been there to help support all the health and safety improvements.

A pickup truck drives into a parking lot.   Two men wearing masks and hardhats lower the gate on the back of the truck.


A man fills out a form on a clipboard as another man cleans the controls on a piece of large equipment.


A man in a mask and hardhat puts on a safety harness.
Background music Choose your own provider based on your industry, and what type of support you want. A screen grab of the WSIB website appears.
The health and safety excellence program has a large variety of topics that cover different areas of health and safety within the workplace.

3. Advanced

2. Intermediate

1. Foundation

Once you select your topics, your provider will, help you develop the policies and procedures to make sure that you have that topic fully covered within your health and safety program. Michaela is onscreen speaking.
You then roll out the new policy for all of your employees, make sure everyone's trained on it and make sure that, um, the elements in your policy are actually living and breathing within your organization. A man in a facemask and safety harness walks up to the back of a truck. The gate is lowered and holds a large container of water, hand sanitizer and hand soap.


He picks up the hand sanitizer and puts some on his hand.


Three men stand six feet apart from one another. They’re dressed for the construction site and are all wearing facemasks, hardhats, and latex gloves. One of them is also wearing a safety harness and carrying a clipboard.
Background music For each topic you complete you can earn rebates on your premiums, and an improved health and safety record can save you money, too. 
Background music You can also earn digital badges so your customers and employees know you’re committed to their health and safety.



The Health and Safety Excellence program badges for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced appear on screen.

By improving the, programs and policies you have in place, it, it just makes it a little bit less likely that anything were to happen. Michaela is speaking.
Health and safety so important for every job site, every, every workplace that has employees.



You want to make sure that they're actually going home in the state, that they came to work.


Happy, energetic background music is playing.

A man is standing outside a truck, putting on his hard hat.


A different man is wearing a facemask, hardhat and safety harness and is standing in front of a COVID-19 safety poster.


Two men wearing hardhats, facemasks and latex gloves.

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Happy, energetic background music is playing. The WSIB logo appears, with the words “Here to help” underneath it.