By-application coverage for businesses

By-application insurance covers employees in businesses that aren’t required by law to be covered by the WSIB. Businesses that choose to apply for WSIB coverage are given the same coverage, have the same rights, and are required to follow the same rules as businesses that must have this coverage by law.

Examples of businesses that can apply for by-application coverage include:

  • Banks, insurance companies and trust companies
  • Barbers and hair salons
  • Membership organizations (such as labour organizations, professional associations, political organizations, etc.)
  • Motion picture producers
  • Offices of lawyers, dentists, medical doctors and veterinarians
  • Photographers
  • Radio and television broadcasters
  • Touring and travel agencies

See guidelines on who needs to register with us.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of WSIB coverage?

With WSIB coverage you:

  • get affordable workplace coverage you can rely on to protect you and your employees
  • are guaranteed no-fault workplace insurance that protects you from costly court  settlements for your employees’ workplace injuries and illnesses
  • receive important services and support when you need it – see Your Guide for Businesses for more information

How do I apply for by-application coverage?

Use our online registration tool to apply for coverage and we will review your information to confirm that you qualify for by-application coverage.

Once we have that confirmation, you’ll need to fill out and sign an 
 or if you’re in the entertainment industry, you’ll need to fill out the 

How long will it take to process my application?

Each case is different, depending on the type of business you run and how straight-forward your application is. We may need additional information about your operations, for example:

  • details about products or services your business provides
  • if you’re involved in more than one business activity, we may need more information about the various business activities and whether your payroll can be segregated
  • whether your business is associated with any other businesses
  • supporting documentation like contracts, invoices or purchase orders.

Are there any groups not eligible for by-application coverage?

The WSIB will not provide coverage for any of the following groups:

  • circuses
  • stunt performers for film, video, theatre or other live performances, including performers who do their own stunts
  • foreign diplomats and members of a diplomatic staff in embassies (as defined by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961). This includes: head of the mission, members of the diplomatic staff and diplomatic agents
  • teams or individuals competing in sports

Businesses or individuals involved in sports (e.g., coaches or animal training) may apply for coverage. However, you would not be covered if you or your employees are competing or training for competition.

For example: Horse trainers can apply for coverage for their horse training activities, which may include riding horses. But, if these trainers also ride competitively in races, they are not covered while competing in a race.

How long will this insurance coverage be in effect?

You will be continuously covered until the date you send us a request in writing to cancel your coverage.

How do I cancel coverage?

Let us know by email at or contact us in writing.

How long does it take to cancel coverage?

Your cancellation request will take effect the date we receive your written request.  You still have to report and pay premiums up to this date.

Do I have to give notice to my employees if I decide to cancel coverage?

Yes, you must inform your employees that they will no longer be covered.

Could the WSIB cancel coverage?

Yes, the WSIB has the option of canceling by-application coverage if:

  • mail is returned to the WSIB and an alternative address is not available
  • you cannot be located
  • you are required to complete a reconciliation form but do not submit it
  • you have overdue premiums or other payments
  • You no longer have employees

What does it mean for my business if my WSIB coverage was cancelled?

If your employee has a work-related injury or illness, they will no longer be eligible for loss of earnings, coverage of health-care costs, or any other benefits made available by the WSIB’s insurance plan.

It also means that as an employer, your employees may have the right to take legal action against you for damages in the event of a work-related injury or illness.