Welcome to the WSIB’s Open Data catalogue

Here you can view our Open Data Dataset Inventory to access a list of different datasets collected, created and managed by the WSIB. Making our data open and accessible improves transparency and accountability to the public and to the people we serve.

The WSIB’s Open Data program is aligned to the Province of Ontario’s Open Data Directive and intended to enhance the way citizens obtain, view and understand our data.

By increasing public access to data managed by the WSIB, the Open Data program provides more transparency, lets citizens and community-based organizations reuse our data, and supports innovation. The Open Data License sets out guidelines for using this data.

Please email us your questions, comments or suggestions at data_governance@wsib.on.ca.

Public Title Description Data Custodian Branch Access Level Exemption
WSIAT Appeal Application Database

This dataset retains and records policy letters issued by WSIB to WSIAT for appeals

Legal Services Restricted Legal and contractual limitations
WSIAT Database

This dataset contains information regarding WSIAT decisions including but not limited to decision number, decision-maker and outcome

Legal Services Restricted Legal and contractual limitations
WSIB Individual Account-Level Data

The data is based on information reported to WSIB for accounts  registered with WSIB .

Employer Account Services Restricted Commercial sensitivity
WSIB Individual Claim- Level Data

Individual claim level data containing personal identifiers

Operations Cluster Restricted Privacy