Welcome to the WSIB’s Open Data catalogue

Here you can view our Open Data Dataset Inventory to access a list of different datasets collected, created and managed by the WSIB. Making our data open and accessible improves transparency and accountability to the public and to the people we serve.

The WSIB’s Open Data program is aligned to the Province of Ontario’s Open Data Directive and intended to enhance the way citizens obtain, view and understand our data.

By increasing public access to data managed by the WSIB, the Open Data program provides more transparency, lets citizens and community-based organizations reuse our data, and supports innovation. The Open Data License sets out guidelines for using this data.

Please email us your questions, comments or suggestions at data_governance@wsib.on.ca.

Public Title Description Data Custodian Branch Access Level Exemption
Number of Investigations

This data set includes all investigations related to employers, workers, and providers, and were closed/completed in the calendar year.

Regulatory Services Open/Public
Number of Surveillances

This data set includes all approved and completed assignments of worker surveillance.

Regulatory Services Open/Public
Open Data Dataset Inventory

The Dataset Inventory is a list of all the electronic data held by WSIB and contains data from a variety of information themes and business area.

Corporate Business Information and Analytics Open/Public
Premium Rates

The Schedule 1 costs of the workers' compensation system are funded through premium rates, which are applied to the payroll of Schedule 1 employers.

Actuarial Services Open/Public
Safety Check

“Provides summarized injury claims and benefits data on business registered with the WSIB.

Corporate Business Information and Analytics Open/Public
Summarized Claim Related Data

Provides an overview on injuries, illnesses, and fatalities covered under WSIA. Includes historical claim details related to workplaces, workers, return to work, injuries, illnesses, fatalities, and benefit payments.

Corporate Business Information and Analytics Open/Public
WSIB Grants Annual Allocation

Contains information about grants awarded by the WSIB to any individual, institution or organization for the purpose of carrying on an investigation, research or training (s.159 (5) WSIA).

Strategic Research Open/Public
WSIB Office Locations

This data set contains name, location and contact information for WSIB office locations.

Real Estate and Facilities Management Open/Public

This data set includes the number of subscribers, open rates, and click-through rates.

Communications and Public Affairs Open/Public
Closed litigation files and offsite storage

This dataset records information for closed litigation files, including location and offsite storage information for Legal Counsel III

Legal Services Restricted Legal and contractual limitations