WISR update

We revised our Workplace Injury Summary Report (WISR) to better meet the needs of users. WISR now excludes no-lost-time injuries. This brings the WSIB’s approach to injury reporting closer to that of other jurisdictions. For more information, read our FAQs.

What is eWISR?

Track injury frequency and costs online. Download a customized Workplace Injury and Summary Report (WISR) instantly. Track injury and illness frequency or costs. Print the WISR and use it to pre-qualify or bid on contracts.

What is a Workplace Injury Summary Report (WISR)?

A WISR shows your company’s cumulative injury and illness experience. It also compares your company’s experience rating details against your industry sector’s average.


With the WSIB’s eWISR service, you can download a customized WISR instantly.

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