Becoming a WSIB health care provider

Health care providers must deliver health care services and must be a member of one of Ontario’s health regulatory colleges, as defined in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA).

The WSIB must pre-approve treatment from a health care provider that is not registered with us.

Treatment recommendations for a claim come from the treating health care provider, such as a physician, specialist or psychologist. All recommendations are reviewed by the case manager and nurse consultant.

Decisions on health care entitlements may involve gathering further information from the  treating health care provider to discuss where the treatment is best delivered.

The WSIB has access to high quality providers and facilities across Ontario, many under contract, including public hospitals that deliver timely access to care (See Specialty Programs).

Any care requiring in-patient services, such as surgery, addiction or residential mental health programs are all carefully reviewed and discussed with the case manager, nurse consultant and primary care provider. In making health care entitlement decisions, our commitment is to work with the primary care provider to ensure that access to quality care that is safe and appropriate to a person’s specific needs.