2023 Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards gold winner video: Text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
Happy, excited music is playing. WSIB logo
I’m thrilled to share with you Exterior shot of a brick building with a metal roof. The front door is made of glass and has a decal on it that says “Sign FX.”
that you are the gold medal winner Two people stand to the left of the screen and one person to the right. On the wall between them is a sign that says “Sign FX.” 
The words “Rod Cook, VP – Workplace Health and Safety Services, WSIB” appears below the person on the right, indicating that he’s Rod Cook. 
of the WSIB’s Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards.  Rod hands a glass award to one of the people standing on the left of the screen. She’s smiling and wearing a sweater with the “Sign FX” logo on it. 
Rod reaches over and shakes the hand of the other person onscreen – he’s also smiling and wearing a “Sign FX” sweater. 
Winning this award is everything A woman is onscreen. She’s wearing glasses and has long hair, and there’s a “Sign FX” logo on the wall behind her. 
The words “Hailey Norman, Project Manager, Sign FX” appear below her, indicating that she’s Hailey. 

for a small business like us. 

A close up of the “Sign FX” logo on a wall.
We are a commercial sign company.  Shots of a machine laser cutting letters out of metal. 
A shot of a person hearing and eye protection while working on a metal sign.
There’s a responsibility

14 people are gathered around a large table, having a safety meeting. 
They’re watching a video on how to use an AED device to perform CPR.

that we’re working safe and being productive.  A man is onscreen, he’s wearing a shirt with the “Sign FX logo”, and the logo is also on the wall behind him. The words “Spencer Wilson, Owner, Sign FX” appear below him, indicating that he is Spencer. 
Winning the award is recognition A sign is posted on the wall with the title “Workplace Health and Safety Commitment”. 
An emergency eye was station is hanging on the wall, ready for use if it’s needed.
of the journey to get to this point.  A First Aid kit hangs on the wall, and a communication board holds different forms and informational documents. 
Where we came from, where we ended up.  Spencer is speaking, and the “Sign FX” logo is on the wall behind him. 
Out of all the companies within Ontario A man is onscreen, he’s standing in front of machinery used to make signage. 
The words “Som Ounaron, Vinyl Installer, Paint and Fabricator” appear onscreen below him, indicating that he’s Som.
and we’ve got number one...  A different man is wearing eye and ear protection as he uses a mallet on part of a sign. 
A woman is crouching down, using a caulking gun as she applies wires to a large board. She’s wearing coveralls, and eye and ear protection. 
we’re doing something right.  A person is standing in the bucket of a cherry picker outside, they’re wearing a hardhat and a safety vest. The bucket has been raised up towards the roof so the person inside can reach the “Sign FX” sign that’s hanging on the side of the building. 
All we gotta do is keep it up.  Spencer appears onscreen, smiling. 
A woman – another Sign FX employee appears onscreen, smiling.
Hailey appears onscreen, smiling. 
Happy, excited music is playing. The words “Visit wsib.ca to learn more” appear onscreen.