Expression of Interest - WSIB Scientific Advisory Table on Occupational Disease

Drawing on recommendations from the Demers report - Using scientific evidence and principles to help determine the work-relatedness of cancer - released in July 2020 and the KPMG, "Value for Money Audit Report: Occupational Disease and Survivor Benefit Program", released in 2019, the WSIB has developed an Occupational Disease Strategy to help us achieve a more responsive and sustainable approach to occupational disease policy and decision-making.

One of the main areas of focus of the strategy, recommended by both reports, is to establish a Scientific Advisory Table on Occupational Disease (the “Table”) to support occupational disease policy development.

Together with other foundational activities in the strategy, including the development of an Occupational Disease Policy Framework and leveraging our Research and Grants Program to ensure the collection of up-to-date scientific evidence to support evidence-based decision-making, the Table will help form a solid foundation for future occupational disease policy development.

1) The Scientific Advisory Table on Occupational Disease

The Table will provide expert scientific advice to the WSIB to support policy development and scheduling. The Table’s membership is intended to represent the scientific disciplines most relevant to occupational disease to ensure that their qualifications and extensive experience optimize the quality of advice provided. The members will assist the WSIB in obtaining high quality scientific evidence that may lead to the further identification and recognition of occupational diseases in regulation and policy, or adjustments to policy guidance as appropriate. This approach is intended to support timely and consistent decision making.

By providing scientific advice, an advisory table will help the WSIB fulfill its legislative obligations to workers, and to survivors of deceased workers, who experience an occupational disease due to the nature of their employment.

2) Purpose of the expression of interest

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to invite and subsequently identify suitably qualified individuals in the scientific disciplines relevant to occupational disease (e.g., Occupational Epidemiology, Toxicology, Occupational Hygiene, and Occupational Medicine) to serve as independent members of its scientific advisory table on issues related to occupational disease.

3) Mandate

The Table’s mandate is to provide advice to the WSIB on:

  • the scope of scientific reviews in order to answer specific questions at hand;
  • the experts that could be consulted;
  • identifying potential peer-reviewers and the clarification of a reviewer's comments;
  • assessment and potential options in the case of contradictory opinions; and
  • general ad hoc occupational disease issues.

4) Qualifications

The WSIB is seeking five (5) qualified candidates to be members of this Table, including a Chair.

Qualified candidates must:

  • possess a professional designation or doctoral degree from a recognized institution in at least one of the following disciplines:
    • occupational epidemiology,
    • toxicology,
    • occupational medicine,
    • occupational hygiene, or
    • some other appropriate professional designation;
  • be in active (or recently active) practice and/or research in such settings and with such experience as may be desired by the WSIB (e.g., university, hospital or academic settings with critical appraisal expertise);
  • have extensive experience (10 or more years) in their discipline, in practice or in research;
  • be licensed in good standing in Ontario (for regulated health professionals).

5) Selection process

The WSIB will review all applications received against the skills and requirements set out for Table members. We will select the combination of members which provides a blend of qualifications and experiences most likely to optimize the quality of advice provided by the Table.

Individuals selected to the Table will be required to sign a contract with the WSIB for a term to be determined at the WSIB’s discretion (e.g., to ensure and maintain the appropriate available expertise and continuity from year to year), but a member’s tenure is expected to be two to three years, subject to renewal at the WSIB’s option. The WSIB expects that the role of Chair will be for two or more years.

The WSIB may remove, replace, or add new members to the Table as current and changing requirements evolve over the life of the Table. New members may be self-nominated, nominated by a current Table member, nominated by an association, or the WSIB may issue a call for interest via an Expression of Interest to qualified individuals. Individuals will undergo the same selection process, and the same level of due diligence will be taken in the selection of members regardless of the manner in which they are put forward.

6) Conflict of interest

Members must be willing to comply with Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality requirements of the government of Ontario and the WSIB. A copy of the WSIB’s Conflict of Interest Attestation is attached to this EOI as Schedule A. Individuals providing a response to this EOI are required to complete the Conflict of Interest Attestation, detailing the nature of any actual, potential or perceived Conflicts of Interest, and return this completed document with their response.

7) Compensation

Members will be compensated in keeping with similar advisory tables. Previous compensation ranged between $1000 and $1750 per meeting depending upon experience and Chairmanship. The WSIB will set compensation for members which is not negotiable. The WSIB may consider offering a retainer for the Chairmanship position however individuals interested in pursuing the role of Chair should not consider this in their decision to apply for this role.

8) How to apply

Individuals interested in providing their time and expertise as members of the Scientific Advisory Table should review the Terms of Reference, and complete the
 and the 
 to Carmen Piccinin, Manager, Strategic Procurement at no later than Tuesday December 7, 2021 at 11:00AM.


Questions about the Scientific Advisory Table or this EOI can be submitted to no later than Tuesday November 23, 2021 at 2:00PM.  A consolidated list of questions will be provided to any individual upon request. To receive a copy of the questions and answers, please contact

9) About the WSIB

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