Workplace Injury Summary Report FAQs

Q1.    What changes were made to the WSIB’s WISR?

The WISR now only reflects employers’ lost-time injuries, excluding no-lost-time injuries.

Q2.     Why did the WSIB change the WISR?

We revised the Workplace Injury Summary Report (WISR) to better meet the needs of stakeholders.

This change brings the WSIB’s approach to injury reporting in-line with that of other jurisdictions, helping Ontario employers to demonstrate their competitiveness when participating in bidding processes.

Q3.    What consultation was done in support of these changes?

It had been brought to the WSIB’s attention by employer stakeholders that the WISR may be putting Ontario employers at a disadvantage in some bidding processes. This is because the WISR reports both lost-time and no-lost-time injuries, while injury reports produced by other jurisdictions report only lost-time injuries.  Taken out of context, a quick comparison of injury reports could create the impression that Ontario employers have poorer safety records, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. 

To address this issue – and to provide employers with injury reports that better meet their needs – the WSIB removed no-lost-time injuries from the WISR.

Q4.    How can employers get information about their no-lost-time injuries?

Employers can request details of their company’s no-lost-time injuries by calling the WSIB Experience Rating and Cost Allocation Department at 416-344-1016 or 1-800-663-6639.