Safety Groups Program

Please note that this program is no longer offered. Check out our new Health and Safety Excellence program.

Our Safety Groups Program now has more options for you to choose from. Whether you’re just starting to build your health and safety program or blazing a path towards excellence, we have a suitable program option to help you reach your goals.

Benefits of the program

We know that you want to protect your employees and stop injuries from happening at your workplace. Investing in your health and safety program makes good business sense and protects you from risk.

Safety Groups offers peer-networking, best practice knowledge-sharing and financial incentives. You could share in a rebate of up to seven per cent of the group’s total premium (allocated per sponsor disbursement plan).

How the program works

You can sign up to our Safety Groups Program through one of our approved sponsors. Your sponsor will organize meetings and workshops and guide you in developing your health and safety action plan.

Find a safety group sponsor

To find the right safety group for your business, find your industry/sector from the list below and review the fact sheets to see the services they offer and the region they serve. You can also see the rebates each safety group earned the previous year. If you have further questions about the group or decide that you’re ready to sign up, contact the safety group sponsor directly.


  • Employers' Advocacy Council (EAC CVMA) 
  • Employers' Advocacy Council (EAC Magna) 


  • The Construction Association of Thunder Bay Factsheet (PDF)
  • Grand Valley Construction Association Factsheet (PDF)
  • Interior Systems Contractors Association of Ontario 
  • Regional Construction Group Factsheet (PDF)
  • Infrastructure Health & Safety Association - Construction/Electrical Factsheet (PDF)

Healthcare / Education / Government

  • Public Services Health & Safety Association Factsheet (PDF)


  • Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Factsheet (PDF)
  • Employers' Advocacy Council/Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (also listed as multi-sector) Factsheet (PDF)
  • Ontario Printing & Imaging Association Factsheet (PDF)


  • Dunk & Associates (Leaders in Safety) Factsheet (PDF)
  • Employers' Advocacy Council/Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Factsheet (PDF)
  • Kingston Partners for a Safe Community Factsheet (PDF)
  • Northern Ontario Safety Group Factsheet (PDF)
  • Wellington Medical Safety Group Factsheet (PDF)
  • Workplace Safety and Prevention Services Factsheet (PDF)


  • Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services Factsheet (PDF)
  • Retail Council of Canada Factsheet (PDF)
  • Sobey’s - Ontario Division


Find a Safety Groups sponsor’s contact details.

Earn a rebate

When you reach the goals set out in your action plan and improve the health and safety performance at your workplace by the end of the year, you can earn a rebate of up to seven per cent of your WSIB premium. The rebates you get through our Safety Groups Program are over and above any rebates or surcharges you earn through our Experience Rating Programs.

2017 Safety Groups Program Rebates

Issued in November 2018

Safety group Safety group rebate ($) Safety group premium ($) Percentage of premium rebate
Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staff  Services  1,321,981.56 29,744,030.71 4.46%
Construction Association of Thunder Bay 59,218.41 1,850,675.82 2.88%
Canada East Equipment Dealers Association 19,862.03 619,071.63 3.44%
Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance 2,607.61 137,302.21 1.43%
Employer's Advocacy Council - Canadian Vehicle Manuf. Assoc. 4,415,892.47 94,558,725.80 4.67%
Dunk & Associates - Leaders in Safety 3,738,079.05 80,216,288.73 4.66%
Employer's Advocacy Council - Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters 814,710.97 32,136,033.71 2.58%
Employer's Advocacy Council -MAGNA 1,647,371.04 34,320,229.82 4.80%
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium 1,043,322.00 25,077,287.61 4.08%
Grand Valley Construction Association 247,841.67 4,744,075.04 4.86%
Infrastructure Health & Safety Association/Transportation Group 1,708,743.19 68,815,532.94 2.52%
Infrastructure Health & Safety Association/Construction & Electrical 489,642.33 22,566,887.12 2.22%
Interior Systems Contractors Association of Ontario 268,502.99 17,629,774.35 1.53%
Kingston Partners for a Safe Community  204,576.30 3,848,085.36 5.53%
Northern Ontario Safety Group 1,238,347.23 44,385,204.90 2.79%
Ontario Hospital Association 2,088,540.14 85,595,907.42 2.44%
Ontario Printing Association 78,972.49 2,303,566.16 3.57%
Public Services Health and Safety Association 122,452.57 5,072,666.87 2.40%
Retail Council of Canada 456,533.39 10,641,804.01 4.29%
Regional Construction Safety Group 1,375,668.71 37,066,651.07 3.78%
SAFECON 943,120.87 28,321,948.44 3.33%
SOBEYS 208,972.63 6,550,866.00 3.19%
Wellington Medical Safety Group  167,366.88 6,268,422.92 2.67%
Workplace Safety and Prevention Services  6,756,894.26 178,238,108.45 3.82%
Total 29,419,220.79 820,709,147.09  

Forms and guides


Find out more

For more information, call a Workplace Health and Safety Services Program Administrator at 416-344-5533, (toll-free 1-800-387-0750 ext. 5533); or email