Returning the reconciliation form and making payments

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Clearly print your account number on the front of your cheque.

Please return your completed form, along with any applicable payment, using the self-addressed envelope to:
P O Box 4115, Station A,
Toronto ON, M5W 2V3

You can also return the reconciliation form in the self-addressed envelope and use our online payment option. For more information see the frequently asked questions.

The WSIB must receive your completed reconciliation form and payment by the due date indicated. You may make an online payment or send a post-dated cheque to ensure that payment is received by March 31, 2021. If the reconciliation form itself is not received by the due date you will be subject to a non-compliance charge. See details on late reporting and payment penalties.

If you have Schedule 1 coverage by application and you do not meet your payment and/or reporting obligations, the WSIB may cancel your coverage.

Use the return envelope only for: