Our recruitment process

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How our recruitment process works

We want to deliver a positive experience for candidates, so here’s an overview of our recruitment processes. It shows what you can expect at each step of the process.

Our recruitment process

It takes an average of 8 weeks for an external recruitment. However, a number of factors can impact this timeline.

  1. Position is posted: Along with our careers page, some opportunities may also be posted on job boards, professional associations and university and college sites.

  2. Posting closes: Applications will be accepted until the closing date listed on the posting

  3. Review applications and determine short-list: Applications are reviewed, assessed and screened. Only those selected to move forward will be contacted.

  4. Preliminary testing for short-listed candidates: Job skills and competencies may be assessed using one or more methods.

  5. Interviews scheduled for short-listed candidates: Short-listed candidates are invited for a panel interview.

  6. Interview short-listed candidates: Interviews consist of behavioural and technical questions and may also include other assessment tools.

  7. Successful candidate selected and references conducted: Reference checks are conducted for the successful candidate.

  8. Employment offer presented to successful candidate: Offer is presented to the successful candidate and unsuccessful candidates are notified.