This policy has not been amended to reflect the 
Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and Regulations made under it


Tenosynovitis is accepted as a Schedule 3 industrial disease resulting from direct trauma or repetitive movement.



Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendon sheath, resulting from direct trauma or repetitive movement.

Direct Tenosynovitis

Direct trauma to the body causing tenosynovitis is considered a chance event, and falls under section 1(1)(a) of the Act.

Repetitive Movement

If the tenosynovitis is caused by repetitive movement the decision maker must establish the exact mechanics of the work performed. All of the following information is required to adjudicate a claim

  • job description
  • the exact mechanics of the work performed
  • frequency of repetitive motion
  • sustained tension or pressure of wrists whether one hand is used more than the other while working
  • whether vibratory or rotary tools are used
  • length of time performing the particular job
  • whether there is a change in work just prior to the onset of symptoms
  • the worker’s production rate per hour or shift in comparison to coworkers performing the same duties.

In addition, the adjudicator determines if any of the worker’s activities outside of work involve any of the above.


Legislative Authority

Workers’ Compensation Act
Sections 1(1)(n), 122, Schedule 3

Regulation 951
Section 11