Non-Surgical Fracture Episode of Care

The Non-Surgical Fracture Episode of Care (EOC) is the first course of rehabilitation for people with non-surgical fractures and a payment model for health care professionals that groups together services and fees. The program includes treatment focused on functional recovery, improved communication with the WSIB regarding functional status and return-to-work planning and new reporting and billing.

Expanded eligibility criteria

Since launching the Non-Surgical Fracture EOC in 2017, the eligibility criteria have expanded. People with fractures that are immobilized with a removable device, such as a splint or walking boot, and who meet all other criteria are now eligible for the Non-Surgical Fracture EOC.

Make sure that the person receiving treatment has an allowed claim and meets all of the program criteria before delivering care. The person receiving care must:

  • Have a fracture that did not require surgical intervention;
  • Be medically cleared to begin rehabilitation;
  • No longer have a fracture that is casted or immobilized OR have a fracture that is immobilized with a removable device (such as a splint, walking boot, etc.);
  • Begin this EOC within four months (16 weeks) from the date of injury;
  • Not have any additional injuries that prevent participation in this EOC;
  • Be at work (regular or modified), or are not working; and,
  • Not be hospitalized.

The Non-Surgical Fracture EOC is not recommended for people:

  • Who are not medically cleared to begin rehabilitation;
  • Who have contraindications to receiving treatment in the EOC; and/or,  
  • Who have pathological fractures (e.g., osteoporosis, infection, tumour, etc.).

In the context of this EOC, the terms immobilized and immobilization refer to the use of any device intended to restrict mobility, for example a cast, splint, slab, sling, brace, walking boot, or other restrictive device.

For more information, please watch our video or see our materials for download.

Health care professional requirements

You must review all available materials on the WSIB website before delivering the EOC. We expect health care professionals who deliver the EOC to be familiar with the program components and to deliver the program as outlined.

Materials for download:

Have questions?

  • Refer to the Questions and Answers (PDF)
  • Call the WSIB Clinical Expert at 416-344-5739 or toll-free at 1-866-716-1299 for:
    • Clinical questions
    • To discuss the worker’s ability to participate in the EOC
    • To discuss a treatment extension request
  • Call the WSIB Health Care Practitioner Access Line at 1-800-569-7919 or 416-344-4526 for administrative questions