Our program is flexible and tailored to support businesses during this time, including:

  • Change topics on your approved action plan – program members can switch to topics that address the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Extended deadlines – The 12-month timeline to complete topics and submit validation evidence has been extended to 15 months to help businesses juggle multiple priorities.

While our program boasts 36 health and safety topics to help build a comprehensive health and safety system, the following five topics address immediate pandemic related priorities and can help businesses safely resume operations and remain open.

  • Risk assessment – assess COVID-19 related health and safety risks in your workplace, including any new or modified operations or work locations, such as transitioning to work from home offices.
  • Control of hazards – control the spread of COVID-19 through implementation of engineering controls, administrative controls, safe work practices, such as hygiene and sanitation, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Emergency prevention and preparedness – ensure your organization is ready to address challenges resulting from COVID-19 and is pandemic ready.
  • Emergency response – define a work plan to address COVID-19, prevent spread, and resume your business operations safely.
  • Workplace health promotion – empower your staff and support employee mental health through the pandemic and foster a more engaged and resilient workforce.

To join our Health and Safety Excellence program or to learn more, please connect with an approved provider or contact us at healthandsafetyexcellence@wsib.on.ca.