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The program has three levels – foundations, intermediate and advanced. There are 36 topics spread across the three levels.

Steps diagram of program levels: 1. Foundation, 2. Intermediate, 3. Advanced. Foundation has 10 topics. Intermediate has 17 topics

Each topic focuses on eliminating or controlling a hazard. It includes the detail, standards, equipment and procedures required to complete the topic and improve this particular area of health and safety.


Essential topics to start building your health and safety program. Examples of topics include: first aid, health and safety responsibilities and control of hazards.


Topics at the intermediate level build and customize your health and safety program or management system. Examples of topics include: emergency prevention and preparedness, return-to-work roles and responsibilities and corrective action.


Topics at the advanced level integrate and optimize your health and safety management system. Examples of topics include: change management and procurement, health and safety continual improvement planning and external audit. You’re on your way to achieving excellence.

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Once you’ve completed your health and safety topics, it’s time to submit evidence of your work so you can earn rebates and other recognition. Your provider will help you prepare for the validation process. Our health and safety experts will review and validate your submission. 

We may select a business for an on-site validation to ensure that specific health and safety topics are part of your workplace culture. This is not an audit of your entire health and safety program – it is an opportunity to receive feedback from our health and safety experts, identify best practices and get recommendations for improvement.

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You can sign up for one of our Health and Safety Excellence program webinars to learn more about the program and additional benefits available for smaller businesses in 2022.