Health and Safety Excellence program: Achieve - Earn rebates and recognition

You’ve worked hard to complete your health and safety topics and deserve to be rewarded. Rebates and recognition are key components of the continued development of your health and safety program.


The Health and Safety Excellence program fits with our premium rate-setting model. Businesses with less ability to impact their rates will receive 2% rebate per topic. Businesses with more ability to impact their rates will receive a 1.4% rebate per topic. This is because these businesses will see reductions in their premium rates as their health and safety experience improves. Rebates are based on annual WSIB premiums.

For small businesses, we offer a minimum rebate of $1000 per completed topic. To learn more about minimum and maximum rebates, see the Program Guidelines.

Use our rebate calculator (XLS) to estimate your potential rebate. You will need to know:

  • Your total premiums for the past 12 months
  • Your predictability percentage
  • The number of health and safety topics you are planning to complete.


Aside from the financial rebate, you can also receive  recognition badges to use on your website, email signature and advertisements, to show others your commitment to workplace health and safety. Your badges will also show up on your business profile when people search for safety stats.