COVID-19 related claims statistics

We have a dedicated team of adjudicators and nurse consultants working as quickly as possible to gather any information required and review each claim so that people can access the benefits and services they may be entitled to.  

Because we look at each of these claims on a case-by-case basis, the time to a decision will be different in each claim. We are contacting people within two to five days of a COVID-19-related claim being filed to gather required exposure, employment, medical and other relevant information to help us make decisions.

Type Number *
Claims allowed 3,676
Claims not allowed 828
Claims pending 576
Exposure incident reports received 2,771

The table below lists the industries/sectors with the highest COVID-19 related claim volume. North American Industrial Classification System class references are in parenthesis. Any industry/sector not listed has fewer than five allowed claims.

Industry/Sector Allowed Not allowed Pending
Nursing and residential care facilities (N2)


191 178
Hospitals (D3)


275 55
Schedule 2 employers 288 175 28
Agriculture (A) 261 <5 204
Ambulatory health care (N1) 164 50 21
Food, textiles and related manufacturing (E1) 43 5 8
Social assistance (N3) 39 17 5
Motor vehicles, building materials, food and beverage retail (I1) 29 12 14
Leisure and Hospitality (O) 17 10 5
Other services (P) 15 <5 <5
Administration, services to buildings, dwellings and open spaces (M) 12 11 6
Foundation, structure and building exterior construction (G3) 9 <5 <5
Non-metallic and mineral manufacturing (E2) 9 <5 <5

Metal transportation equipment and furniture manufacturing (E4)

6 9 5

* data as of June 26, 2020