Schedule 1 employers are those for which the WSIB is liable to pay benefit compensation for workers’ claims. Schedule 1 employers are required by legislation to pay premiums to the WSIB and are protected by a system of collective liability.

Schedule 2 employers are employers that self-insure the provisions of benefits under the WSIA. Schedule 2 employers are liable to pay all benefit compensation and administration costs for the workers’ claims.

Schedule 2 Highlights for 2020 By the Numbers
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Data in By the Numbers: 2020 WSIB Statistical Report may not match previously published results. This is due to factors such as data maturity, updated definitions and methodologies, and rounding. Data in By the Numbers is matured three months, with the exception of benefit payments, which represents cash paid during the year, to or on behalf of people injured at work and are not matured three months following year-end. Percentages may not add up due to rounding.