Payment options

Payment options

You can choose one of our convenient payment options:

  • Online or telephone Banking through your financial institution
  • ePayment (Interac Online, Visa or MasterCard credit, Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard) through our online payment partner, Paymentus*)
  • Cheque. Mail the bottom part of your Premium Remittance Form with your cheque to the address on the remittance form stub. You can use the pre-addressed envelope that comes with your form. Please write your account number on your cheque and allow extra time for processing if using this option.
  • You can also pay at a WSIB office. We accept cheques, certified cheques and money orders, however cash is not accepted.

Please note: There is a 1.75 per cent service charge for using Visa or MasterCard credit, Visa Debit, and Debit MasterCard payments. We do not receive any part of this service fee; it goes directly to our online payment provider, Paymentus. There is no service charge for using Interac Online.

Payment option details

Online or telephone banking through your financial institution

You can pay your premiums online through your financial institution (bank, credit union etc.). Visit your bank’s website for details on how to set the WSIB as a bill payee on your bank account. Most bank web sites list us as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario - Schedule 1 or WSIB Ontario Sched 1.

Please note: When setting the WSIB as a bill payee, you will be required to choose either Schedule 1 (report and pay premiums) or Schedule 2 (pay claim costs) as an option. Most businesses are Schedule 1. See Schedule 2 for more information.

Choosing ePayment

  • Our online options are available 24/7 and are accessible from anywhere to help avoid late payment charges
  • When you use ePayment, your payment is applied to your WSIB account within 24 to 48 hours (this period begins on the next business day when a payment is made on a weekend or holiday)
  • For each payment you will receive a confirmation number for your records. You will also receive an immediate email confirming the transaction

 ePayment is integrated with the eClearance system and payments made are reflected in real time. The real time update allows you to come into compliance and get a clearance certificate, if an outstanding payment is the only item on your account preventing you from doing so

Logging into eServices gives you access to all of your account details. You can pay more than one premium at a time, confirm the amount of your payment and review the details of your payment history using ePayment.

Your account number, firm number and current amount due is automatically transferred to Paymentus. The only information you need to provide is your payment type.

You can also set up a payment profile, so that when you log into eServices your payment information is automatically loaded as well.

Log on to eServices.

Accessing ePayment directly through Paymentus

You can also choose to pay directly through Paymentus (without logging onto eServices). You will need your account information, including:

  • account number
  • firm number
  • payment amount
  • MasterCard or Visa information or online banking information

Telephone payment

To make a payment to an account using Visa or MasterCard credit, Visa Debit, or Debit MasterCard, you can call Paymentus anytime at 1-855-288-7459. It is an automated system, so you’ll have to enter your information using the telephone key pad.

An operator is not available on the phone to assist you.

You will need your:

  • account number
  • payment amount
  • MasterCard or Visa information