Board of Directors Resolutions - June 2015

2015 1st Quarter Report to Stakeholders

Approved the unaudited Q1 2015 Report to Stakeholders, such document to be posted to the WSIB’s website

2015 1st Quarter Sufficiency Report

Approved the unaudited Q1 2015 Sufficiency Report, such document to be posted to the WSIB’s website 

2015 Funding Sufficiency Plan Update

Approved the 2015 Funding Sufficiency Plan Update, such document to be submitted to the Minister of Labour for approval and to be posted on the WSIB’s website following approval

Expenditure Authorization – Simcoe Place Lease

Authorized the President and CEO, or his delegate, to execute the lease Extension and Amending Agreement and any assorted documents with Cadillac Fairview, the Landlord for Simcoe Place Leaseholds Limited

Additional Item – Simcoe Place Mortgage Repayment

Amended the agenda to include the Simcoe Place Mortgage Repayment request 

Approved the final repayment of the 75% ownership portion of the existing mortgage on Simcoe Place and authorized the President and CEO, or his designate, to execute contracts and/or other associated documents with the service provider

Committee Mandate Review

Approved the revised Committee Mandates:

  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee
  • Investment Committee

2015 Board Evaluation Plan

Approved the proposed Board of Director’s evaluation process, commencing with an evaluation in 2015

Corporate Governance Policy

Approved the revised Corporate Governance Policy

Statutory Delegation of Authority

Adopted the Delegation of Powers and Duties as approved and confirmed that the actions taken and decisions made and purportedly made by the officers and employees of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, in administering the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 since August 13, 2014, are valid exercises of power under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997; and 
That the delegation be updated on an annual basis and that the President and CEO recommend necessary revisions