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Application FAQs

I am having trouble uploading my resume. Can I email it to you?

Resumes are only accepted through the online system. You can try using a different browser or cut and paste your resume into the application as an alternate choice. 

For additional assistance, please see our eRecruitment support. If you continue to experience technical difficulties, we apologize for the inconvenience and we invite you to call our support telephone number included in the eRecruitment Support document for further assistance.

Who do I contact if I need assistance or accommodation applying to a job?

Call us at 1-800-387-0750 or 416-344-1000 (TTY: 1-800-387-0050) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday and a Customer Service Representative will be available to assist you.

Am I able to attach a copy of my educational credentials to my application?

Our online recruitment system only allows you to upload or copy and paste one document into your application. If you have a cover letter, a resume and educational credentials to include, please ensure that they are all contained in one document. This also pertains to any other documentation you may wish to submit to support your application to the position.

I received an on-screen message that says that I do not meet the minimum requirements for the position. Can I re-apply?

This message would have appeared as a result of your response to one or more questions regarding the mandatory requirements of the job you are applying to. Based on the response you provided you do not meet the minimum requirements for this particular job posting and cannot re-apply at this time. As our system only allows one application per job posting, there is no ability to re-apply. If your situation changes, you can reapply to a subsequent posting for the same position.

How do I know if my application was received?

You will receive three acknowledgements that your application was successfully submitted:

  1. Near the top of your My Applications Page, you will see an immediate notification that says “Your application was successfully submitted” along with a green check mark. This only appears once (at the time you submit your application).
  2. On your My Applications Page, your applications will be listed with a status of “Applied.” If the status shows as “Not Applied”, it means that you have not yet submitted your application.
  3. You will also receive an email confirmation notification sent to the email address you provided at the time of your registration.


I thought of something else to add to my application. Can I revise it after I have submitted it?

Once you have submitted your application, you cannot make any changes to it. Therefore, please make sure that your documents are complete prior to clicking the submit button.

Can I save my application and finish it later?

Yes, you save a partially completed application and return to it later to finish and submit it. Simply look for the save button at the bottom of the application page.

To complete your application later, log into the system and locate your saved application in your my applications list. It will show as the job title, along with the status of not applied. Click on the blue title and it will re-open your application for you to revise and/or complete.

Please make note of the closing date of the job posting. Even though you may have started your application while the posting was open, you cannot submit your application once the posting has closed. Postings close at 11:59 p.m. on the closing date indicated on the posting.

How do I set up an email alert so that I can be advised of future opportunities I may wish to apply to?

After logging into the system, click on the job search/alerts link at the top of the page.

Enter your key word(s) and the timeframe that you’re looking for and click save search. You will be asked to select a name for your search, and you will be given the option to create an alert notification by checking the create alert notification box and entering the email address where you would like to receive notifications.

Please note: Notifications are processed overnight. For example, if your saved job is posted on a Tuesday, you will not receive the notification until Wednesday.

I have been asked to participate in a work sample or assessment for the position I have applied to. How should I prepare?

Our assessments are typically administered in groups and look to assess key skills and competencies required for the position. We suggest that you review our website to get a good understanding of the organization and read the job advertisement to understand the position you have applied to. We will notify you if you are expected to prepare in any other way.

I have been asked to provide written documentation to confirm my education. What is considered acceptable?

  • We will accept hard or soft copies of your degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Transcripts, emails or other documents will not be accepted.

In the job posting that I am interested in, it indicates that you are “recruiting for future opportunities to build a qualified candidate pool.” What does this mean?

For some positions, we look to build a qualified candidate pool for future vacancies. Candidates that meet the required threshold to be considered part of the qualified candidate pool will be notified of their status and provided with updates on potential hire dates.

How long will I remain in the qualified pool?

Once you are notified that you have been placed in a qualified pool, you will remain there until vacancies arise.

The application deadline keeps changing for a position I am interested in. Am I still being considered? Do I need to resubmit my application?

We are continuously building our pipeline of candidates and, when appropriate, will extend job posting deadlines. If you have already applied, you do not need to resubmit your application.

The job I am applying for has a training period in a different office location. Do I need to pay for my travel/accommodation expenses?

The WSIB will cover the travel and accommodation expenses if you are asked to attend training in a location that is different from the one for which you have been hired.

If I have been tested or interviewed for a position and am unsuccessful, will I hear back?

Yes, you will hear from us regarding your status within approximately three weeks.

I have been notified that I was unsuccessful in a recent recruitment. Am I able to receive feedback on the process?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of candidates and applications, we are unable to provide candidates with feedback about the recruitment process.

How long will my application be kept on file?

Your resume, application and/or cover letter will be retained by us for as long as it is necessary to complete the recruitment competition to which you have applied. We will continue to keep your documentation on file for future opportunities that are relevant to your skills and background.