Work Reintegration Complaints Office

The Work Reintegration (WR) Complaints Office is a new resource for workers with concerns about the quality of services they are currently receiving as part of their Work Transition plan.

The WR Complaints Office addresses services delivered by WR service providers.  They include:

  • Vocational and Functional Assessment Providers
  • Private Career Colleges or Public Colleges delivering training, including:
    • English/French as a Second Language (ESL/FSL)
    • Literacy and Basic Skills training
    • Essential Skills training
    • Academic upgrading up to a high school level or equivalency (e.g., up to/including Grade 12)
    • All vocational training programs
  • Employment Placement and Retention Service Providers

The Work Reintegration Complaints Office cannot make or overturn any decisions related to the Work Transition Plan. It also cannot make specific recommendations to the Case Manager or Work Transition Specialist.

Complaint Process

  • If workers have a concern about WR services or service providers they should first contact their assigned WSIB Case Manager or Work Transition Specialist to discuss the issue. If the issue is not resolved, they should then escalate to the WSIB Manager
  • If they still feel their concern has not been addressed, they can contact the WR Complaints Office via telephone or email. Complaints received by the office will be confidential, and requests for anonymity will be respected.

Once the Work Reintegration Complaints Office receives the complaint, it will: 

  • Contact the worker within one business day to obtain details of the issue and clarify the resolution that is being sought
  • Take direct action to address the issue and advise the worker of planned actions and time frames. These actions may include:
    • Reviewing the claim file for additional background details
    • Contacting the service provider to discuss the complaint and seek resolution
    • Visiting the service provider’s premises   
  • When directing the complaint to another area for action, coordinate the transfer and follow-up to ensure the complaint is resolved
  • Provide the worker with the results of the inquiry and, where appropriate, forward the results to the WSIB Case Manager/ Work Transition Specialist for further consideration
  • Track complaints for trending purposes

How to reach the WR Complaints Office

To refer a complaint to the Complaints Office, workers can send an email to:  Or, you can call 416-344- 3495, or toll free at 1-800-387-0750 and follow the automated directions. For example, when you are prompted to enter the 10 digit telephone number of the person you are trying to reach, key in 416-344- 3495.